Joanie Zeier Poole shows how to create elegant quilting with her easy-to-use paper template system. With just a few simple tools, you will learn how to confidently approach borders, minimize and enlarge quilting motifs to fit your quilt measurements, and how to divide the spaces on your quilt top to add those beautiful quilting stitches that make quilts so very special.

Joanie shares how to find quilting inspiration from stencils, patterns, or 3-D objects and use them to fill squares, triangles, and more.

Play with the size of designs and minimize or maximize them for optimal visual advantage. Transfer quilt patterns onto your quilt tops with ease. A great class for beginners!

For your convenience, this class can be purchased for online viewing or purchased on DVD.

Total Duration: 1hr 4min

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I would love to quilt my own quilts but I just send them out to be quilted because I don’t know how to choose quilting designs. How will this course help me?

Joanie will teach you that there are many correct answers to the perfect quilting design for any quilt. She will encourage you to have the confidence to know what the best choice is for your project. Joanie urges you to rely on the experience you have developed when making fashion and home décor decisions. From there, this course has every step you need to develop and carry out a quilting plan all the way through marking it on the fabric.

What level of experience is targeted for this course, beginner or expert?

The lessons cover all levels of experience. You will use the lessons to the depth of your ability. The process is simple enough for a beginner who just wants to use stencils or simple motifs. If you have the desire to design your own unique designs, you will see demonstrations as to how to use your own treasures to create unique designs. Everyone is encouraged to use the simple steps to make a plan that really brings out their own personality.

How do I use quilting designs that are printed on paper like the ones that come free with the course? And, will it show me how to mark quilting designs on different colored fabric?

Yes, marking on different colored fabrics and using stencils or designs printed on fabric are all covered in the course.

What kind of quilting is used in this class?

This is a process class, so you will learn design ideas and how to apply them in all of your quilting adventures. Whether you hand quilt or quilt on a home machine or longarm, Joanie can show you how to fill those spaces with quilting designs you can call your very own.

Will I be able to understand this class even if I have never made a quilting design of my own before?

This is a wonderful class to take if you have never made a quilting design. Joanie shows how to find quilting design inspiration from many sources and transfer them to your quilt.

What if I have questions?

We recommend that you watch the class in its entirety and become familiar with the downloadable materials. At that point, if something is unclear, click the “Contact Teacher” link to a question and Joanie will get back with you.

When can I get started?

We know you are excited to get started. After you have purchased the class, you can enjoy it anywhere and anytime you have Internet. The class belongs to you, so watch it as many times as you like!



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  • 9 Lessons
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